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Running your business off the most state of the art technology has never been more affordable! With iTable and iPOS you will ensure faster customer service, fewer miss-fires and more re-orders at the table; keeping the servers happy and customers coming back for more. 

Restaurant POS Solutions

So many details have to go just right to make your business a success.  When there are 18 tables demanding their checks at once, employees calling in sick, and cases of meat disappearing from the kitchen, our Restaurant Software solutions keep you in control.


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 We bring together the strength and experience of  proven, dependable hardware and software solutions along with Back Office Software to offer a complete suite of products for our Independent and Small Chain Grocery Stores.

Bottom of Basket Solutions

A loss-prevention solution that turns bottom-of-basket (BOB) losses into profits in real time. LaneHawk BOB detects and recognizes items as part of the transaction, making sure that stores get paid for their BOB items.